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Entering your first HFT competition

You’ve set up and zeroed your scope, practiced your breathing and trigger technique and know the basics of the prone position and range finding, now would be a good time to get some competition experience under your belt.

The best practice for HFT is to actually shoot in a competition.  You can’t really get a good appreciation of what the sport’s all about until you actually try it! Many novice shooters don’t know what to expect and are usually worried they’ll put in a bad score. Read the rest of this entry »

The Winter League campaign 2010/11

Anston Field Target Team - 2010/11

Anston Field Target Team - NEFTA Winter League 2010/11

The Anston massive made a very impressive showing at every 2010/11 Winter League meeting and we were unlucky to have been mugged by the Redfern Reich; who despite our brave lads efforts, made sure we got the second place silverware in all three main categories (Main, Pistol and Silhouette). Considering the depths of their ranks though, it is fair to say that pushing them so hard in all three, says a lot about the strength of the club and the skill of our shooters. Read the rest of this entry »

Weather at the club

No current observations available

Closest air refills to the club

SDS Watersports, Halfway SDS Watersports, Halfway - just a couple of miles from the club - a good selection of new and used airguns, pellets and 300 Bar air refills