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British recoiling championships 13th April, 2014

Paul James memorial British Recoiling Championships, 2014

Sunday 13th April, 2014

Anston Field Target Club


  • 40 shot course 8 to 55yds to NEFTA W/L rules but with a mix of reduced kill targets
  • Two targets per lane, each lane will include a shooting peg for HFT
  • 4 discipline lanes (2x stand plus 2x kneel) unsupported.
  • Scoring is :- 1 point for a knockdown, 0 for a plate
  • Overall championship trophy goes to highest scorer ( irrespective of class )
  • FT and SFT shot to NEFTA Winter league rules (see below)
  • HFT to NEFTA Hunter rules
  • HFT/SFT shooters to shoot first if shooting with an FT shooter
  • Entry fee £10 (all funds go to charity)
  • Free commemorative t-shirt sponsored by the BFTA

NEFTA Hunter rules
NEFTA Winter league rules

Registered shooters (135)

  • Adam Lees (FT) HW97K GinB
  • Andy Purseglove (FT) TX200
  • Andy Wilson (FT)
  • Brian Samson (FT) TX200
  • Bussé Yoeri (FT) HW 97 K
  • Colin Richardson (FT) TX200
  • Colin Wilkinson (FT) HW77
  • DANNY webb (FT) hw97
  • Danny Welch (FT) tx200
  • Dave Lawrenson (FT) HW97
  • Dave Lindley (FT) tx200
  • david atkin (FT) hw 77
  • David Robinson (FT) Whatever i can borrow
  • Elliott compton (FT)
  • Frank Peakman (FT) HW95 or what he has at tthe time
  • gary martin (FT) aa pro sport
  • Gary Timms (FT)
  • glenn walsh (FT) tx200
  • Harry Brown (FT) AA Pro sport
  • Harry Copmton (FT)
  • Helen Carragher (FT) TX200
  • ian burton (FT) tx200
  • ian stoddart (FT) weihrauch hw95
  • Ivan Marsden (FT) TX200
  • Jack Foreman (FT) HW77
  • James Osborne (FT) Pro-sport
  • Jerry Dowdall (FT) Diana Mod15
  • Jim Nee (FT) Walther LGV
  • John Costello (FT) Simon Ayres MK 111
  • Jon Willingham (FT) Tx200
  • Keith Gilyard (FT) HW 97
  • kevin cresswell (FT) webley eclipse
  • Lori Richardson (FT) TX 200
  • Marc Fisher (FT) TX200
  • Mark Brewitt (FT) TX200
  • mark henson (FT) tx200
  • mark Stenton (FT) Air Rifle
  • matt hirst (FT) hw77
  • micheal wilson (FT)
  • mick chapman (FT) air arms tx200
  • Neil Long (FT) HW98
  • Neil Thorneycroft (FT) HW97
  • nick murphy (FT) tx 200
  • Paul Lawrence (FT) TX200
  • Pete Thorneycroft (FT) TX200
  • Peter Rowley (FT) Airarms tx 200hc
  • phil price (FT) tx200
  • Phil Riches (FT) HW97
  • richard trow (FT) hw97k
  • Rob Farnworth (FT) HW97k
  • rob long (FT) TX200
  • roger dyson (FT) 97k
  • Scott Robinson (FT) Neil Thornycrofts
  • Shaun Shore (FT)
  • Simon Ayers (FT) HW77
  • Steve Hebblethwaite (FT) Air Arms TX200 HC in Ginb stock
  • steve page (FT) hw 97
  • Steve Privett (FT) Tx200hc
  • sue swift (FT) tx hunter n
  • terence horner (FT)
  • Tony Wright (FT) HW97k
  • Trevor Bland (FT) one of frank peakmans cast offs
  • Val Szulc (FT) TX200

  • andrew monniez (SFT) hw97
  • Andy Calpin (SFT)
  • Chris Cundey (SFT) TX200
  • dan gilmartin (SFT) lgv walther
  • Dave Gibson (SFT) Hw97
  • Dave Jowett (SFT) AA ProSport
  • Hughie Wilson (SFT) TX
  • Ian Treadwell (SFT) HW97K
  • jamie jackson (SFT) hw95
  • John Harper (SFT) w/98
  • John Lee (SFT) HW97
  • Keith Spencer (SFT) Tx 200 mk 3 Paul wilson stock
  • Lee ellis (SFT) Tx200
  • Malcolm Reynolds (SFT) HW97
  • Marc andrews (SFT) Aa tx 200
  • Mark Crossland (SFT) tx200hc
  • Martin Calpin (SFT)
  • Martin Owens (SFT)
  • Paul Harbron (SFT) HW98
  • paul monniez (SFT) hw 97
  • Paul warnes (SFT) Air Arms TX200
  • phill green (SFT) lgv walther
  • RODERICK ward (SFT) A A prosport
  • roy ironmonger (SFT) weihrauch 98
  • trevor ryan (SFT)

  • Adam ledger (HFT) Hw97
  • Adrian Shaw (HFT) HW97
  • Alan Comberford (Solware) (HFT) Walther LGV
  • Andy Jones (HFT)
  • Andy Watkins (HFT) AA TX200
  • Anne Higgins (HFT) HW77k
  • Anthony martin (HFT)
  • Anthony Sparhott (HFT) TX200
  • Bob Clay (HFT) HW97
  • Brian Pierrepont (HFT) HW97KT
  • Calvin wood (HFT)
  • Chick McGowan (HFT) HW 77k
  • Chris Asquith (HFT) Walther LGV
  • Chris Guy (HFT) TX200 HC
  • Dave Clements (HFT) HW97
  • Dave Semmens (HFT) AA Pro Sport
  • dave tomlinson (HFT) hw80
  • david williamson (HFT) hw98
  • Dean Corfield (HFT) Air Arms Pro Sport
  • Donald Hartness (HFT) AA Pro Elite
  • Glyn Waitom (HFT) Tx200
  • graham cooper (HFT) tx200
  • Ian Sheppard (HFT) Hw98
  • Kyle Hampton (HFT) HW97
  • Lee Hartness (HFT) HW97k
  • Lewis Stephens (HFT) 97k mk1
  • Mark Splodger Jones (HFT) Webley Exocet XS
  • Matt Waistell (HFT) HW 97
  • Mick Fern (HFT)
  • Nathan James (HFT) Weihrauch hw35
  • Paddy Egan (Solware) (HFT)
  • Perry Broad (HFT) HW97k
  • Peter Shearer (HFT) HW97
  • Phil Russell (HFT) HW77k
  • Ray Hampton (HFT) HW97
  • Ricky Moppet (HFT) TX200
  • Scott Teale (HFT) hw97k or hw98
  • simon Burgon (HFT) hw98 .177
  • Steve Bowers (HFT) HW97
  • Steve Watkins (HFT) AA TX200
  • Steve Whiting (HFT) HW97k
  • Tye Forde (Solware) (HFT) Weihrauch HW77 ISP
  • Vin Rigby (HFT) TX200

Entering your first HFT competition

You’ve set up and zeroed your scope, practiced your breathing and trigger technique and know the basics of the prone position and range finding, now would be a good time to get some competition experience under your belt.

The best practice for HFT is to actually shoot in a competition.  You can’t really get a good appreciation of what the sport’s all about until you actually try it! Many novice shooters don’t know what to expect and are usually worried they’ll put in a bad score. Read the rest of this entry »

NEFTA Hunter 2011 Round 1 10th April

The 2011 NEFTA Hunter series starts this Sunday (10th April) at Pontefract Air Rifle Club.

The NEFTA Hunter Series is an excellent, relaxed introduction to the world of competitive Hunter Field Target shooting (HFT).

The rules are very similar to the UKAHFT rules – basically, you have a peg and a target. Some part of your gun or body must be in contact with the peg when you take your shot. If you knock the target over you get 2 points, if you hit the metal plate but fail to knock the target over you get 1 point – if you miss you get zero.

There are 30 targets on the course with killzone’s ranging in size from 15mm to 45mm, placed at distances between 8 yards and 45 yards.

The atmosphere is relaxed, it’s not a heated competition but as with all NEFTA competitions, safety is always paramount.

Shooting should start at around 9am – with the 2nd session starting at around 11:30am, but may start earlier or later depending on how long it takes to re-spray targets etc. after the first session have shot.

If you’ve never tried HFT before and you fancy giving it a go, then these events are perfect for you.

Anston FTC won the team title for the 2010 series, I’m sure we’ll do well again this season, but we need your support.

Pontefract ARC location :

Weather at the club

No current observations available

Closest air refills to the club

SDS Watersports, Halfway SDS Watersports, Halfway - just a couple of miles from the club - a good selection of new and used airguns, pellets and 300 Bar air refills