Safety at club events


  • NEVER point your gun at anyone and ALWAYS treat your gun as being loaded at ALL times.

  • ALWAYS be aware of where your muzzle is pointing, if you have difficulty getting up from a prone shot without waving your gun around, please ask another member of your group to help you.

  • If you have a magazine fed rifle, please remove the magazine between shooting pegs/lanes.

  • If you have a Break Barrel rifle, please break the barrel to show it’s safe. Similarly if you have an underlever rifle, please crack the underlever while carrying the gun.

  • Please do NOT rest your muzzle on your foot and please don’t carry your gun using the scope as a carry handle.

  • Please do not load your rifle or even look through the scope ANYWHERE except across a designated firing line – that means the Zero Range OR the Course and nowhere else.

  • Most importantly, if you see someone being unsafe, politely point it out to them.

  • While you’re shooting the course, we operate a BUDDY MARSHALLING system. That means that everyone on the course is a safety marshal, not just the people wandering around with florescent jackets on.

  • It’s YOUR responsibility to make sure that everyone in your group stays safe.

  • If you’re in ANY doubt at all, please ask one of the roving Marshals.


  • If you hear a SINGLE blast on a whistle or air horn it means CEASE FIRE immediately. If you have a loaded gun, please point it at soft ground across the firing line and discharge it safely into the ground.

  • Remember, We’re ALL responsible for safety, so please make sure that everyone in your group is aware of a cease fire and that the groups to your left and right are also aware.

  • While a cease fire is on, please DO NOT look through your scope or shoulder your rifle for ANY reason.

  • Two blasts of a whistle or horn mean that it’s safe to continue – Again, make sure everyone in your group and in the groups around you are aware of this.

  • DO NOT Under any circumstances cross a firing line – if there is a problem, find a roving marshal and tell them what the problem is, they’ll be happy to help you.

  • If you’re a spectator, please have consideration for those shooting the competition, and please do not approach or distract shooters while they’re taking a shot.

Weather at the club

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