How to join

Sorry, but due to huge demand membership is now closed until further notice.

Membership at Anston is limited

The gate to the club grounds is a shared gate, and we have a limited number of keys for that gate. We have found that keeping membership to around 70-80 members works best for the club.

Membership subs are just £35 a year for adults and £15 a year for juniors – we do require a deposit for the gate key of £50 however. We cannot replace the keys, so each key that isn’t returned deprives someone else of membership – this is why the key deposit is so high.

There are no other fees to pay and for your membership you will have membership of the British Field Target Association (BFTA) – you will be insured to shoot not only at the club grounds at Anston, but also at every BFTA club in the country. You will also have 24 hour use of the club grounds and facilities 365 days a year.

There are no other fees, but… you will be expected to pitch in and help out as much as you can. It takes a lot of work to set out a course of targets and take them back in again, if we have 30 people helping it can be done in minutes, and it’s actually a good laugh.

Ok, So how do I join?

It’s complicated, but it’s worth it…

A term of our insurance is that all members have to be probationary members for 3 months before they can become full members. We term full members as those that have a gate key.

To become a probationary member, fill in the online membership (scroll down to the bottom of this page) application form, fill it in.

Next step is to join the club forum and put a post up on the open section of the forum introducing yourself – the forum looks deserted, but it isn’t. If you ask about a convienient time to come up and visit the club, it won’t be long before someone offers to arrange to meet you and show you round.

Remember, to become a full member you have to get by for the first 3 months without a gate key, so it’s essential that you find some existing members that regularly go up to the club at the times that suit you the best. You can only do this by chatting to members, either in person or on the forum. There are always shooters up at the club of a Sunday, unless the weather is really terrible, so if Sunday is a good day for you it would help if you popped up, introduced yourself and offered to help set a course out, or if you’re too late to help set out, offer to help pack it away.

Find out who set the course out and approach them and ask if they need help setting out the following Sunday.. Everyone up there is really friendly and approachable, but you have to make the effort.

MEMBERSHIP FOR 2016 Is Now Closed.


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Closest air refills to the club

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