Anston Field Target Club Byelaws

1. Definitions.

1.1 Words denoting the masculine gender are taken to include the feminine gender.

1.2 “The Club” means Anston Field Target Club.

1.3 Unless stated otherwise, “member” means a current full member (i.e. an annual or junior member whose subscription is paid up to date

1.4 “Range(s)” means the range facilities owned, leased or occupied by the Club at Half Moon Plantation and includes both the land and buildings.

1.5 The Club’s “premises” means the place(s) where the Club carries out its activities.

2. General

2.1 The byelaws of the Club shall have the same force and effect as though they were part of the constitution.

2.2 A copy of the Constitution and bylaws and any amendments pertaining thereto will be posted in the club hut. Any member requesting one can obtain a personal copy, but a small charge will be levied to cover printing costs. In accepting membership of the Club members confirm acceptance of the constitution and byelaws and will be bound by them.

2.3 The Club may affiliate to any body where, in the opinion of the  Committee, such affiliation would be in the best interests of the Club.

2.4 Notwithstanding any provision hereof every member, visitor or guest shall be bound by all relevant statutes or other instruments of law, which may be in force. The Club and the members of the  Committee shall not be liable in respect of any loss or damage arising as a result of any breach or non-observance thereof by any member, visitor or guest.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership subscriptions are due on or before 31st January annually. (See section 3.8)

3.2 Annual subscriptions for all classes of members shall be fixed by the members at the annual general meeting.

3.3 The classes of membership within the Club are:

  • Probationary member
  • Annual member
  • Junior member
  • Supervisory member

3.4 Annual members are full members of the Club and are entitled to vote at annual and extraordinary general meetings. Probationary, junior and supervisory members are not entitled to vote.

3.5 All applications or recommendations for any class of membership of the Club must be made to the Secretary, who shall be responsible for taking the steps necessary to process them.

3.6 Upon completion of the relevant probationary period & payment of the relevant subscription, the secretary will be informed & shall enter the applicant’s name in the Register of Members of the Club. The period of membership shall begin from the date of such entry in the Register.

3.7 Any member of any class who fails to pay any relevant subscription by 31st January will automatically cease to be a member of the Club with effect from that date.

3.8 The Committee has an absolute discretion to allow a person whose membership has lapsed as a result of non-payment of subscription to be reinstated upon payment of the relevant subscription and of any other sums which may be due and owing to the Club by the person concerned. The Committee may require a person whose membership has lapsed to re-apply for membership.

3.9 Any member whose membership is terminated voluntarily or under Clause 8.12 of these byelaws shall not be entitled to any refund of membership subscription or other charges, which may have been paid, and will remain liable for any subscription, fees or charges which may at the date of termination be due and owing to the Club.

3.10 Any member shall immediately notify the Secretary if his authority or suitability to own, use or be in possession of any firearm may be affected by any event or change in his circumstances.

3.11 Only annual members will be issued with a gate key as and when they become availableand upon payment of a £50 refundable deposit on return of the key.

3.10 Probationary Membership

.1 A probationary member is a person whose application for probationary membership of the Club has been accepted by a committee member & has given a club induction &given a membership application form.

.2 On the first visit to the club, prospective new members will first be asked to sign the range logbook, they will then be asked to fill out a membership form, given a club induction and be allowed up to 4 free visits with a club member .

.3 During these visits a probationary member’s conduct will be monitored by the committee members.

.4 Upon completion of the 4 visits, the probationary form should be presented to a committee member together with their membership application form.

.5 Upon completion of their 3-month probationary period, the Committee will decide whether to offer full membership and if approved a full membership card will then be issued.

.6 The Committee has an absolute discretion to extend the probationary period for any or all probationary members, and to impose such conditions as it deems fit on any or all probationary members.

.7 The Committee reserve the right to deny probationary status or full membership to any prospective member. Probationary status/full membership is not automatic after the allocated four visits. The prospect may appeal to the Committee within seven days of notice of non-acceptance but after the appeal the Committees decision will be final.

3.11 Annual Membership

.1 An annual member is a person who has been given annual membership by the  Committee and who has paid his membership subscription for the current year.

.2 All persons wishing to become an annual member of the club must complete a full membership form.

3.12 Junior Membership

.1 A junior member is a person who has not attained the age of 18 years (depending upon current legislation) when paying their membership fee, and who has been elected to Junior membership by the Committee and has paid his membership subscription for the current year.

2 Where an applicant for probationary or annual membership is under the age of 18 years his application must be counter-signed by a parent or guardian.

3.13 Supervisory Membership

.1 A Supervisory members purpose at the club is to be the responsible adult for a junior member whom they are parent or guardian for, they will observe all the rules of the club regarding gun handling and will ensure that their charge also complies

.2  A Supervisory member shall not have shooting rights on Anston Field Target Club grounds.

.3 An applicant for Supervisory membership shall complete the relevant sections of a membership application form.

4. Administration of the Club

4.1 All correspondence for the Club shall be handed to the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. No member except the Committee members may enter into or answer any correspondence on behalf of the Club without the express authority of the other committee members

4.2 In the event of any dispute over voting rights the Secretary or in his absence the Chairman of the meeting, shall determine who is entitled to vote at any Committee meeting, annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting.

4.3 A register of all members past and present shall be kept by the Secretary and may be inspected by any member, subject to giving reasonable written notice to the Secretary.

4.4 The Treasurer shall maintain the general accounts and ledger books of the Club and shall receive all monies paid by, or given to any member, which is for the benefit of the Club.

4.5 Any member receiving any money on behalf of the Club must as soon as possible pass the same to the Treasurer.

4.6 The Club’s financial year end date shall be 30th December.

4.7 Any member standing for election as a committee member may do so at the meeting and a vote will be taken by all members in attendance at the meeting. Probationary, Junior or Supervisory members are not allowed to stand as a committee member of the club.

4.8 The business of the annual general meeting shall be:-

.1 Apologies for absence.

.2 Approval of the minutes of the last annual general meeting.

.3 Matters Arising from those Minutes.

.4 General reports covering the preceding year and the present state of the Club and its members.

.5 Presentation and acceptance of the accounts for the preceding financial year.

.6 Fixing membership subscriptions, joining fees, range fees and visitors’ fees for the coming year.

.7 Election of Chairman.

.8 Election of Secretary.

.9 Election of Treasurer.

.10 Consideration of any recommendations by the outgoing  Committee for changes to the constitution.

.11 Any other business at the sole discretion of the Chairman of the meeting.

4.9 Any full member of not less than nine months standing may stand for election to the  Committee.

4.10 A member of the Committee may be removed from office by a motion supported by at least two-thirds of those present and voting at an extraordinary general meeting.

5.  Committee

5.1 The Chairman shall give to all Committee members at least 7 days notice of each meeting of the Committee, such notice will be verbal or in writing.

5.2 The Committee shall agree the agenda of each Committee meeting not less than 7 days prior to the meeting.

5.3 The business at Committee meetings shall be:-

.1 Apologies for absence.

.2 Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

.3 Matters arising from those minutes.

.4 Specific items placed on the agenda for consideration, recommendation or ratification.

.5 Recommendation for the annual general meeting of membership fees for the coming year.

.6 Any other business at the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting.

5.4 Any member may address a meeting of the Committee in person upon written application to a committee member. The Committee shall hear the member at its next meeting provided that the application is received by the Committee at least 7 days prior to that meeting.

5.5 Any member may make written representations to the Committee upon any matter relevant to the Club. Such representations shall be addressed to the Chairman who will place them before the Committee at its next meeting. Such representations must be received by the Chairman at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered.

5.6 The Committee may incur liabilities and pay any accounts on behalf of the Club.

5.7 The members of the Committee are hereby indemnified by the Club in respect of:

.1 Any liability reasonably and properly incurred by them on behalf of the Club; and

.2 All claims which may be made against them as a result of any death, injury, disability or damage to property arising from the Club’s activities on the Club’s property or on any other property or elsewhere, claims brought under Occupiers’ Liability legislation and claims in nuisance.

5.8 The Committee shall ensure that the Club has the benefit of appropriate and adequate insurance in respect of all relevant risks.

5.9 The Committee may recommend by way of a resolution for consideration and ratification at an annual general meeting, or at an extraordinary general meeting called for that specific purpose, changes to membership fees, any other Club charges levied upon its members or upon other users of its facilities.

5.10 In accordance with clause 10.5 of the constitution, subject to ratification by the Club at a general meeting, the Committee may add, amend or delete any clause contained within these byelaws. Any such change must be supported by at least two-thirds of the members of the Committee.

6.0 Conduct of Club Activities

6.1 Only air weapons that comply with current legislation as not needing a firearms licence as deemed by the home office may be fired on the club grounds.

6.2 Any air weapon brought onto the club grounds can be tested without explanation by a committee member using the clubs chronograph. The reading produced by the club chronograph will be final when determining if an air weapon complies with current legislation.

6.3 The Secretary or other committee member may request any suitably qualified member of the Club to act as a Range Officer.

6.3 All members shall notify the a committee member of any material circumstance arising, which may affect his suitability to be in possession of firearms.

6.4 One or more range logbooks shall be kept at the Club’s premises;

.1 The date, names & signatures of all persons shooting on the Club’s range(s);

.2 Any infringement of the Club’s Safety Rules;

.3 Any other information which the  Committee may require.

6.4 All members must sign the range logbook on each visit to the club whether they are shooting or not.

6.5 All visitors and guests must sign the range logbook whether they are shooting or not.

6.6 Members shall have access to all parts of the Club’s range(s), subject to any notice posted by the  Committee.

6.7 A probationary member must undertake a club induction before he is permitted to take part in live firing on the Club’s range(s).

6.8 No person under the age of 18 years shall have access to the range unless he is at all times under the supervision of a parent or guardian, or of a member appointed by his parent or guardian to supervise him.

6.9 All members, visitors and guests using the club’s ranges are to conduct themselves in a dignified manner on the range and show due courtesy to other users of the range.

6.10 Every shooter shall ensure that he leaves the firing point is clean and tidy when he has finished shooting.

6.11 No animal shall be allowed on to any part of the Club’s premises unless it is at all times under the control of its owner.

6.12 Any member of the Committee may insist upon the immediate removal from any part of the Club’s premises of any child or animal that is causing a disturbance which may distract shooters on the firing point.

7.0 Safety

7.1 The Club Safety Rules shall be displayed on the Club notice board, and at each of the Club’s ranges.

7.2 Every person using the Club’s facilities must at all times abide by the Safety Rules.

7.3 All members should ensure that all shooting on the club ranges is conducted in accordance with:

.1 Any conditions laid down by the landlord of the range,

.2 The Club’s Safety Rules & Byelaws

8.0 Disciplinary Matters

8.1 It is the responsibility of all members to inform the Committee of any conduct on the Club premises by any person, whether or not they are a member of the Club, that is illegal, unsafe, dishonest, discreditable, un-gentlemanly or contrary to the conditions of the Safety Rules or Byelaws.

8.2 Such reports must be made to the Secretary, or to the Chairman or Treasurer, at the earliest opportunity.

8.3 The Secretary (Chairman or Treasurer) shall convene a meeting to consider the matter not later than 14 days after notification of the incident.

8.4 The Secretary (Chairman or Treasurer) shall in the intervening period obtain statements in writing from both the accused and the accuser, and if necessary from any witness(es).

8.5 The Committee, having examined the evidence, may decide:

.1 That there is no case to answer in which case the accuser and accused will be informed by the Secretary that the matter is closed, or

.2 That there is a case to answer in which case the matter shall be the subject of a disciplinary hearing.

8.6 If there is a case to answer a Committee meeting will be called by the Secretary to con-duct the disciplinary hearing within 28 days of the initial allegation being received.

8.7 At the disciplinary hearing all parties to the incident may attend in person, and the accused may have with him a friend or advisor. If the accused does not attend he shall be entitled to receive a copy of the record of the hearing within 7 days of it taking place, or within 3 days of requesting the same, whichever is later.

8.8 The Committee will consider all written evidence as well as oral submissions when reaching their decision.

8.9 The Committee shall first decide whether the allegation has been proved or not.

8.10 If it decides that the allegation has not been proved it shall declare formally that the matter is closed. The accused shall be entitled to ask for notice to that effect to be given to members, and if he does so such notice must be given within 7 days of the decision being made.

8.11 If it decides that the allegation has been proved, the Committee may impose one or more of the following penalties:

.1 A verbal warning.

.2 A written reprimand.

.3 Suspension of the right to use the Club’s ranges for a fixed period of time.

.4 Suspension of the right to use any of the Club’s facilities for a fixed period of time.

.5 Suspensions of all membership rights for a fixed period of time.

.6 Immediate termination of membership of the Club, or in the case of a non-member of the right to make use of any of the Club’s facilities.

8.12 If it finds that the allegation has been proved the  Committee must decide whether the circumstances are such that the matter should be reported to any other nationl governing body, which may consider whether further disciplinary action should be taken. If the Committee decides that the matter should be so reported the Secretary shall make the report within 7 days of the Committee’s decision.

8.13 All proceedings of the Disciplinary meetings shall be fully minuted, and copies of the minutes shall accompany any report to other national governing bodies.

8.14 Any person who disputes any decision, whether as to liability or penalty, by the Committee may appeal against that decision by serving upon the Secretary within 7 days a notice of appeal.

8.15 Upon receipt of such a notice of appeal the Secretary will invoke the procedure set out in the constitution and/or byelaws for the purposes of calling an extraordinary general meeting of the members of the Club to hear the appeal.

8.16 The appeal shall take the form of a re-hearing, so the meeting shall not be entitled to enquire into the manner in which the Committee reached its decision.

8.17 On the hearing of the appeal by the extraordinary general meeting the provisions of clauses 7.8 to 7.14 inclusive shall apply.

8.18 All decisions on disciplinary matters shall be reached by means of a vote by those attending a meeting and eligible to vote. A simple majority will decide the issue and if necessary the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

8.19 The person who is the subject of the disciplinary action or the person who brought the allegation shall not be entitled to vote on any aspect of the disciplinary action.

8.20 When any penalty is imposed on a member by the Committee, or at an extraordinary general meeting, or by any other national governing body, the Secretary shall post on the Club notice board a notice setting out the precise nature and terms of the penalty.

8.21 The Committee shall report to each annual general meeting any penalty imposed on any person as a result of disciplinary action by the Club or or other national governing body since the last annual general meeting.

9. Definitions & Miscellaneous

9.1 Guest/Visitor

.1 A person who visits the Club’s premises at the invitation of a full member

.2 A Guest may shoot on the Club’s ranges provided that on each occasion he confirms his eligibility to shoot by entering his name into the clubs guest book.

9.2 Guest Day

.1 An event involving Guest members which is arranged by the Committee for the purpose of attracting new members to the sport of target shooting and to the Club or for charitable events.

9.3 Visitor

9.4 Shooting

.1 A person who is not a member or probationary member of the Club, but who is a full member of another recognised shooting club and who visits the Club’s premises at the invitation of a full member

.2 A Visitor may shoot on the Club’s ranges provided that on each occasion he:

• Provides proof of membership of another club, and
• Confirms his eligibility to shoot by entering his name and other club into the clubs Range Logbook.

9.5 Non-shooting

Is a person who attends the event (defined site area) without the intention of shooting in the event.

9.6 Range Officer

A person who is a full member who is authorised to act as the clubs representative in the supervision of the conduct of shooting on the Club’s premises.

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